Bathroom Renovations: Advice

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Bathroom Renovation

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A typical bathroom gets a lot of use, and of all the rooms in the house, it gets the most traffic. No matter how careful you and your family are, you can’t help getting the floors and walls wet, and before you know it, the tile grout starts to look dirty. You might begin to smell foul odours from mould and mildew, too, and what was at one time beautiful is not anymore. This is where bathroom renovations come in; with imagination and a good bathroom renovation contractor, within no time the outdated bathroom looks like it should be featured in the most popular home design magazines.

Bathroom renovations are not a DIY project. It’s quite involved, so it’s best to rely on the expertise of the professionals. Hire a specialist contractor to oversee everything for your up and coming renovation. Some companies have their own tradespeople on staff while others hire them on-demand. Whatever the case, you need a skilled individual to oversee the project. Try to keep the same layout for the fixtures, and if you can avoid rerouting pipes, all the better. The plumber may have to rework the hot and cold-water pipes to accommodate new fixtures, but this is much easier than moving drainage and pressure pipes.

The key to a successful renovation lies in your choosing the best renovation team like those at Oxford Bathrooms. You will most certainly want experience, as renovating a bathroom takes different skills and understanding than what might be needed to renovate other areas of the home. Look for a company like Oxford Bathrooms that is a long-standing member of important trade groups like the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. For successful bathroom renovations that are completed on-time and on-budget, rely on Oxford bathrooms.

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