Children’s Dentistry: Help Kids Overcome Their Fears Of The Dentist

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Dental Care

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While every dentist is different and research shows various things, it is appropriate for your child to see a dentist from an early age. Children’s dentistry options can be overwhelming, and when you add in that children may be scared, it seems impossible to find something that suits you and them. Kids see things differently than adults, so a strange chair, unfamiliar rooms, and strange noises/objects can be overwhelming, especially when you add a complete stranger peering into your mouth.

The Big Problem

Research has shown that children may rather endure mild pain and discomfort than admit it to their parents. They’re afraid that they may be taken to the dentist. Places like Artarmon Dentists wishes this weren’t so because there are many benefits to seeing a paediatric dentist. They offer tips on making it easier and reducing fears/worries.

Keep It Simple And Start Young

While some professionals recommend your child see their first dentist at age seven, most parents start earlier to establish rapport and trust. When your baby or toddler sprouts their first tooth, it’s a good time to start seeing dentists. They’ll become more comfortable with the procedures. Likewise, it’s best to start earlier because the treatments will be simpler. Instead of going in with cavities, they can build a positive relationship first, learning about how to care for their mouth and having easy visits of cleanings and exams.

What You Say Matters

It can be easy to forget what it was like to be a kid, but it’s best to talk as positively as possible. Instead of threatening your children with a dental visit if they don’t brush, make it a fun and positive time. Likewise, use words like clean, strong, and healthy rather than hurt, shot, or pain.

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