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Green Walls Aren’t Just A Vertical Garden

If you’ve ever paid attention to high-end companies, you probably notice they employ some beautiful, elaborate green walls, and think they cost a lot of money. Vertical gardens may seem like an indulgence at first. The truth, however, is that the wall of living plants is much more than just something for the rich.

Companies aren’t going to invest in something that is frivolous. They want their premises to look and feel homey because they know that customers want that feeling. Therefore, they focus on making the location look its best. Likewise, they understand the health benefits that plants can provide, including cleaner air and improved worker productivity. Therefore, the goal is to use green walls to improve the working conditions of their employees, and boost profits.

When you choose to hire professionals, such as those at VertiScape, you’ll get everything you need to have a green wall and start reaping the benefits of such.

Central Theme

Your goals it to create a theme that customers and potentials will see when they walk inside. It should be consistent throughout the building. It relates to furniture, colours, and décor. You may choose to place a potted plant in each office, reserving the green wall for entryways, waiting rooms, and more. You may choose more earthy tones for the walls and flooring.


You may be amazed at how a vertical garden can help your brand image. Many people choose green walls with their logo, address, and other information in the centre. You get the benefits of having greenery and people will associate you with being green and helping the environment, a win-win situation for everyone. Plus, you can choose flowers with similar colours as your logo.

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