Parramatta Dentist: Why Go Twice Yearly

Have you had your teeth cleanings for the year? Most people ignore dental cleanings because they feel they aren’t necessary or don’t feel like they have the time or money to do it. However, a cleaning isn’t just done to keep your teeth white; cleanings are essential for your health.

Visiting your Parramatta dentist twice a year can help prevent bone loss, decay, gum disease, and many other issues. While it is also important to brush and floss twice a day (or as recommended by your dental professional), you can’t remove all the bacteria and plaque from the teeth yourself.

Your Parramatta dentist cleans the teeth to remove the plaque and tartar. Sometimes, it’s noticeable as a yellow film across the upper part of the teeth, and sometimes you can’t see it, but you can feel it. Regardless, that film can cause decay and gum disease if it isn’t removed periodically. Along with such, gum disease can happen anytime. Most people aren’t aware that it is preventable and curable if it is caught soon enough. Going regularly for dental check-ups ensures that the dentist can check your gums and warn you of issues. Plus, they can offer tips on how to prevent gum disease.

No Gaps Dental offers check-ups from the Parramatta dentist onsite. If you visit this location, you can get your teeth cleaned and may find other services available, such as orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Each location can treat children and offers many services to adults. You can get your mouth healthy and clean and also make your smile look more beautiful. People with an Australian Health Fund that includes dental will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for routine care, which can include fillings and cleanings, among other things. Plus, you can feel good about doing something that will help your teeth.

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