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Aero Poles Aid in Window Cleaning

Included in every window washer’s toolset are extension poles. They are an essential tool that helps the window washer get the job done right and done quickly. The system, assembled from a series of interlocking sections, allows the person to put together a pole long enough to wash windows as high as eight stories off the ground. Windows are constantly exposed to every type of weather, and they collect dirt, grit, and grime. Over time, glass that is not cleaned frequently becomes fragile, and it loses its transparency. Frequent window cleaning using Aero Poles makes it easy to clean the windows from the ground.

Water fed pole systems are made from a series of interlocking carbon fibre or Kevlar sections. The sections are fixed length. They are designed to interlock when assembled. Even when fully extended, the longest pole is light and easy to handle. The design of the pole sections is such that they interlock one with another. The clamps used will not snag on the building, and as the clamps are tightened by hand, there is no need for special tools. Once extended, Aero Poles can be fitted with a range of brushes and other accessories. Brushes up to 18 inches wide make quick work of dirty windows.

World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies is the window washer’s best friend. The company is the largest supplier of professional window cleaning equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. As well as a range of water fed poles, brushes, adaptors, and more, the company supplies a range of traditional equipment including squeegees, buckets, glass cleaners, safety equipment, and ladder accessories. Regardless of whether the window is at ground level or as high as eight stories off the ground, Aero Poles are available in a length and style to suit the needs of every job.

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