Aviation Audits In Sydney: Benefits

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Aviation Consultancy

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Aviation is significant for the daily operations of a variety of companies. These can include charter/passenger transport options and contract support. It is essential that you have regular and routine aviation audits in Sydney for the entirety of the organisation’s systems, practices, and procedures. That way, you can assure your clients and operators that all industry and regulatory standards are met (or exceeded). You can also learn which areas might need to be improved so that you and the company are more efficient.

Primarily, aviation audits in Sydney can include many things and focus on a variety of issues. Usually, a review is a planned and formal event that’s carried out in accordance with local or state rules. Most of the time, these assessments focus on the quality of the aircraft and the safety of said craft or airport. While each company is different, you can expect the auditing to include a variety of things. It consists of:

  • A review and assessment of quality and safety management systems
  • Compliance concerns and testing
  • Operational reviews (for resource, mining, and government)
  • Reviews for aerodromes and helicopter landing sites

In most cases, you will get a BARS audit, which stands for Basic Aviation Risk Standard. Avlaw Pty Ltd has been an accredited auditing company since 2010 and offers the BARS program. It has successfully conducted more than 100 audits throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This includes Australia, as well. The BAR standard is now a common assessment protocol for global aviation safety. Right now, it’s used by organisations throughout the insurance, resource, mining, government, and humanitarian sectors. This company focuses on a variety of critical areas in aviation, which includes aerial work for geophysical surveys, offshore surveys, external loads, and night-vision goggles. If you aren’t sure what you need or if the BARS program is right for you, it can be helpful to enquire with the company to find out.

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