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Elements Hybrid PVC/Timber Shutters

If you’re looking for something a little different for your home, you may be focused on shutter systems because they look inviting and enticing, yet they promote privacy and temperature control. You can find two versions of PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne. Polytherm shutters are made of PVC and are highly cost-effective when compared to timber. You can find a variety of styles, such as hinged, fixed, sliding, and multi-fold styles, as well. Therefore, they can be customised just like timber, but they cost less and still look amazing in your home. Every PVC blade has aluminium inserts to reinforce them and make them more resistant to sagging, warping, and knocks.

You can also find another version of PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne. The Highprofile Elements shutter system is a hybrid shutter because it uses PVC blades with solid poplar timber frames. This fusion of synthetic and natural elements allows you to have a lightweight shutter that’s resistant to warping and sagging while still being affordable for almost every price point. You can also have wide panels/louvres with this combination than you could with full timber or full PVC shutters. Therefore, you can change things up a bit and do something a little different for your home.

Melbourne Shutters & Blinds has a variety of products to fit your needs. Primarily focused on plantation shutter systems, you can find many styles and materials available. PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne can either be made of all PVC or can be a mixture of PVC and timber. Therefore, you can choose the option that best fits your needs. If you’re unsure what you should get, you can always talk to a friendly representative who can help you decide on the right product colour, and more. That way, you’re satisfied with your purchase and installation.

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