Gum Disease Treatment In Adelaide: Benefits

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Dental Care

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Most people know that plaque and tartar (calculus) can build up on the teeth and be impossible to remove without a professional cleaning, but most don’t realise that the tartar can also build up underneath the gums which can cause irritation, inflammation and gum disease. While prevention is key, many people in Adelaide already struggle with it, which is why early treatment is essential to prevent more problems.

Treatments can include deeper cleanings to get rid of the infection, though some people may require periodontal surgery. While such procedures can be nerve-wracking, once it is over, you won’t have any infection or inflammation and may be at a reduced risk of infection.

When considering gum disease treatment in Adelaide, you may want to see a specialist or periodontist or may want to get a referral to one from your dentist. Most dentists cannot handle such deep cleanings of the gums because they don’t have the proper tools. However, you may need a traditional dental cleaning before treatments can be provided. The specialist will likely examine the mouth and take X-rays first. Once those are finished, they will see what condition the gums are in, how much tartar is present, and more. Then, scaling and root planing may be required. Surgical procedures may also be necessary.

At National Periodontics, their primary goal is to ensure that your gums are as healthy as possible. If you find that your gums seem to be in pain or inflamed, you may need to seek periodontal treatments. It is always best to go in as soon as you notice a problem so that the treatments can be done as early as possible. Gum disease treatment in Adelaide can include planing, scaling, and surgery, depending on the severity and the situation.

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