How External Blinds Benefit Homeowners

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Screen Store

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Many homeowners choose blinds for their house windows because they are easy to install and cover the window to give you privacy. You can also open them or close them to let in sunlight or keep it out. However, most homeowners are surprised to learn that they can also have external blinds that work similarly. They are designed to be fitted to your pergola or patio. Usually, you have a patio and use a pergola or posts with a roofing system; the blinds can go directly between the posts to keep out the sunlight. It also works well to help you expand your living space to the outdoors right beside your home.

External blinds are also essential to create a nearly enclosed space. You can have more privacy while you’re outside because the neighbours can’t easily see what you’re doing. Plus, you can get protection from the elements. When it’s sunny, you can pull the blinds down to create a cooler, more comfortable environment. If it is raining, you can also pull down the blinds to get some protection from the elements, though the blinds are usually mesh, so some rain can get through. Regardless, you can have plenty of time to bring in whatever you were doing or finish up a chapter of your book before heading inside.

SP Screens offers external blinds that are Australian made. The products are very versatile and can be used as retractable blinds, alfresco and patio blinds, or used for commercial needs. The blinds have many features, including a solar-powered remote control option with battery operation. You can also find a wind-resistant track and heavy-duty components to ensure that it lasts for many years. You’ll find a variety of colours and fabrics from which to choose, ensuring that you have bespoke options that allow for full customisation.

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