Why Use Gardiner Poles for Windows

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Cleaning

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If you are a professional window cleaner or just like to clean your windows like a pro, you need the right tools to get the job done. Most people know that squeegees are the best products for getting windows to look clean without leaving streaks, but Gardiner poles can also be useful. They are extensions of the brush or squeegee and can help you reach high places. That way, you can clean the windows on the topmost levels of the building without having to use a ladder or while using one but staying safe.

Gardiner poles come in a variety of styles and sizes. For example, the CLX pole is 27 feet long and is only about five feet long without the extensions utilised. Therefore, you can quickly scrub windows and get them clean without having to climb too high on a ladder. You can also find poles that go up to 50 feet in length. Many of them are made of carbon fibre, which means they are sturdy and durable while being lightweight. You won’t hurt your arms or hands when holding the pole for extended periods and can still get the work done quickly.

At World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies, they have a variety of tools for professional window cleaners. Whether you want to expand your business to include pressure washing or just want to stay safe on the ground while cleaning high windows, you can find tools for any job. They have a variety of squeegees and Gardiner poles available, as well, which allows you to scrub the windows clean while staying safely on the ground. Then, you can use the squeegee attachment to wipe the glass clean and prevent streaking. You’ll find that these products can help you look and feel more professional and may help you get new clients, as well.

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