Improve the Look of Your Car with a Set of Rims

There are a few things that people will look at upon first glancing at your vehicle – the colour, the bodywork and the wheels. Despite the fact that alloy wheels and rims first gained attention on racing-style cars, they are now a must-have style statement for motorists everywhere. Aside from increasing resale value, a nice set of rims could actually make a positive difference to the vehicle’s handling and overall weight. Should you have purchased a car that comes with standard alloy wheels, give it added aesthetic appeal with a new set of car rims.

Importance of Car Rims

The rubber on a tyre is held in place by car rims, proving how important their role is for vehicle performance and safety. Friction is required for the wheels on a vehicle to move but there should not be too much friction, as this may cause the vehicle to use more fuel than necessary and affect its handling. Car rims will provide a good amount of leverage, whilst keeping friction to a manageable amount. A smoother ride can be enjoyed from the moment rims have been fitted onto an automobile and this vehicle enhancement is also said to improve overall performance, such as acceleration and braking.

Popular Rim Styles

To ensure you experience the best handling possible following the fitting of a new set of car rims, it’s imperative that you shop wisely. Keep in mind that the size of the rim will make a difference to the speedometer calibration, not to mention the vehicle alignment. Larger rims will give a vehicle a more sporty appearance, whereas smaller rims will give the ride a refined look. Preferred styles include rims sized between 18 and 26 inches with five spoke designs. For an extra sporty look, choose rims with lots of spokes. Whatever style you choose, make sure the rims match the bolt pattern of the vehicle.

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