Learning How To Use Spill Kit

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

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While some people believe the best way to learn something is to do it, others believe that it’s best to learn the basics before you actually have to use something. When it comes to spills, learning how to use the spill kit is the best way to ensure that the liquid gets cleaned up quickly and the environment/employees are protected and safe. Therefore, it’s best to use both approaches. Spill response training teaches you what’s in the kits and tips for using them. Along with such, they might have mock spills so that you can learn more about what to do and how to keep a level head.

When you’re focused on learning how to use your spill kit, it’s also important to read through all the information in the manual. While you might not have time to do so in the event of spillage, you can familiarise yourself with the steps so that you are ready when anything happens. The steps usually include how to protect yourself with PPE, how to respond to both large and small spills, and how to avoid contact with the liquid. It also tells you how to dispose of the used absorbents and reminds you to replace the used items.

At EcoSpill, they focus on protecting you and the environment during spillage. While the goal is to train people on preventing them, you must also teach them how to use the spill kit so that they are prepared. If possible, every employee should have the training, but if that is unfeasible, then the supervisors or managers of each department and each shift should have the information and training so that they know what to do. They can choose to delegate the tasks to others or prepare and do it themselves, depending on the situation.

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