How to Find Cheap Jetstar Flights

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Travel Agency

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Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost airline based out of Melbourne. They are owned by Qantas and was created to compete with low-cost airfare tickets. That is why people can usually find cheap Jetstar flights on the internet.

Jetstar is famous for their low-frills, low-cost airline tickets. The value for your ticket is good for what you get. However, be aware that on many of the planes the seats are narrow and little legroom. But their friendly staff and great attitude more than make up for the no-frills.

For the frugal traveler, buying tickets on cheap Jetstar flights saves a lot of money. Jetstar is perfect for people who do not want all the nice amenities of first-class travel and do not mind the cramped conditions.

When searching for cheap Jetstar flights, keep in mind that you are only purchasing a ticket for you to fly. Everything else requires additional fees. If travelers buy directly from Jetstar after 01 June 2018, a booking charge will be added to the ticket. Additional booking charges of $5.00 AUD/USD will be added per passenger per item for baggage fees, seat comfort packs, upgrades, and in-flight entertainment. So, it is better to book your ticket through a third-party website than to book directly with Jetstar’s Call Centre.

Travelers will also get a better deal if they pre-pay for the baggage fees at the time they book their seat. To add baggage after the ticket is booked will cost more per kilogram than if you had paid at the time you initially purchased your ticket.

Other fees, which could increase the cost of the ticket, include an itinerary fee to be mailed or faxed, change or cancellation fees, a late fee at the airport, and infant fee. Many people who fly Jetstar report that paying a little extra to upgrade to an exit row seat or the next tier seat is worth the expense.

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