Low Fructose Consumption is Safe for Your Health

by | May 4, 2016 | Food

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Have you thought about the types of food and liquids you consume on a regular basis? Whilst you may think that you are giving your body the goodness it craves, you could actually be doing it more harm than good. A lot of food that is sold in the supermarkets nowadays will be riddled with unhealthy ingredients, fat and fructose – just take a look at the back of the packet and see how it is produced before you think about adding it to your shopping cart! A type of fruit-based sugar, fructose is found in many plants, but can be harmful to health when consumed in big amounts. Fructose is a part of many western diets, which is why obesity and health concerns are on the rise. Let’s find out why doctors and scientists say that low fructose consumption could improve health.

Understanding the Effect Fructose Has on the Body

A lot of people like sugar in their diet, whether it’s sprinkled on their cereal in the mornings or stirred into their cup of coffee. However, what most people are not aware of is the fact that fructose actually poses a danger to health when consumed in big amounts. The bitter truth about fructose is that it metabolises very differently, when compared to glucose. A diet that combines large quantities of these sugars can have a bad effect on the liver and can cause cell damage. A pressed juice cleanse could restore health and heal damaged cells, so bear this in mind if you consume a lot of fructose in your daily diet.

The Basics of a Cleanse

So, now that you know the dangers an overload of fructose has on the body, you may be thinking about doing a cleanse. A detox or pressed juice cleanse will ensure low fructose consumption, so long as the right ingredients are selected for the cleanse. Even if you only fancy doing a cleanse for three days (the longer the better), your body will thank you for it. Tiredness is normal at the beginning, as well as hunger, but this will begin to disappear on the second day, when the feeling of euphoria kicks in!

Examples of Low Fructose Consumption Diets

A low fructose consumption diet that will be suitable for someone who needs a fructose-restricted diet should include fruits like blueberries, citrus fruits and kiwi fruits, vegetables like carrots, mushrooms and lettuce, as well as protein and healthy fats. These healthy fats will be kind to the heart and may be referred to as monounsaturated fat. They include nuts, olives and guacamole.

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