The Many Advantages of Shutter Blinds

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Screen Store

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Many people have heard of shutters and blinds, but may not be aware that shutter blinds are another option. In most cases, it means that the manufacturer created one product that acts like both.

Blinds traditionally cover the space and use long, thin plastic to create the blades. Shutters usually have two panels that interlock to close, with multiple slats inside that can be opened or closed. When you bring them both together, you get the best of both worlds; many of these products can be utilised both inside and outside the home.

Shutter blinds on the inside usually use a roller system, and the shutters roll downward from the top of the window or door. The blades interlock and may be insulated to prevent would-be thieves from breaking into the house. However, when they’re fully closed, you also keep out all the sunlight, ensuring that your home stays cooler without your air conditioner working too hard. When on the outside, these products work similarly, but they are installed on a patio or pergola, usually with a roof. They can be motorised or manual, but they roll downward and protect you from the elements, such as rain or sun.

At SP Screens, they know that regardless of your desires, you need products that are designed for your lifestyle. If you want to create privacy outside or for your home, shutter blinds are an excellent way to do that. Along with such, they allow you to control the noise and light you experience and can also reduce energy consumption. Depending on the style you choose, they are easy to clean and don’t require a variety of cleaning tools. Most people just wipe the blades with a damp cloth or hose down the shutters if they’re mounted around the patio.

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