How To Select The Right Spill Kit For Your Facility

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

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There are many spill response kits available on the market nowadays, making it tough to determine which one is best for you. The first step is to determine what liquids could spill in the facility and choose a kit that will absorb them properly. You’ll find three universal options, including hazmat, oil-only and universal kits. In most cases, they are colour-coded with labels and various absorbent materials inside, so they’re identifiable quickly.

ID Liquids

Before buying a spill kit, it’s essential to know what types of liquid could spill at the facility. For example, if you regularly work with hazardous materials, you’re more likely to need a hazmat kit, though a universal one may be sufficient for most spills. It isn’t uncommon for one facility to purchase a few packages of all stylings, so they have them available as they’re needed. EcoSpill offers all the kits you need to keep spills from becoming a problem.

Liquid Volume

You’ll also want to consider the amount of volume of liquid that could spill. For example, you wouldn’t want to purchase a little container if you could drop 360 litres of liquid. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes available, so it is best to consider what liquids you use and how much of them could spill at any one time.


Likewise, the size of the facility may help determine what kit is best for your needs. For example, you may have a holding tank that could spill 360 litres of liquid at once, but you may not have space enough inside the facility nearby to store such a containment system. You may choose smaller kits and use multiple ones to clean up a larger mess. It’s also important that you have a kit available in every area that could have a spill.

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