Spread the Word and Boost Sales with Paper Stickers

by | May 27, 2016 | Business

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No successful business would have succeeded without putting a solid advertising method in place. With so many different advertising routes to go down, a lot of business owners will feel overwhelmed and either give up or try out the wrong technique, only to feel disheartened when efforts don’t translate into results. If you want to capture the attention of your target market in a particular geographical location, why not use paper stickers? Offline advertising is definitely not dead and if you take a moment to learn about the potential of this offline sale-boosting tactic, you may be tempted to order some prints from Gecko Sticker Signage.

Stickers in Public Places

Public places are a paradise for advertisers because, after all, just think about how many people will walk or drive through these places on a daily basis. Not only this, but those people will come from all walks of life and will have varying interests, therefore you can guarantee that whoever gets in contact with your company after seeing the sticker will be doing so because they are genuinely keen to learn more!

Stickers on Vehicles

Vehicles are constantly moving (when in use) and the number of people who ride a vehicle in Melbourne is two out of three. With such a staggering amount of people getting behind the wheel, you should seriously capitalise on this opportunity to boost sales by promoting your products and/or services with paper stickers. Opt for waterproof stickers if you intend on displaying them on your car, though.

Stickers as Promotional Products

If you want to start selling something as sort of a package deal, tactically use paper stickers as promotional products. For example, put a sticker saying “Get (X) for half price when you buy (Y) product” on the (Y) product. You will be surprised at how many customers jump at the chance to bag a bargain.

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