Thinking out of the box with Melbourne’s Premier Audio Visual and Lighting Designers

by | Jul 5, 2017 | corporate & private events

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The world of marketing and event management is one that is intrinsically influenced by technological advancements. The pace of change in the world of audio visual setups in Melbourne, and around the world, has been frantic, and it is the wise firm that maintains a firm grasp of the innovations occurring in their field.

Lighting designers in Melbourne, along with audio visual crews, have seen their setups grow in both expense and complexity. New LED lighting, animation software, and display methods have been impressing crowds around the world, and premier marketing teams are looking for only the newest and greatest to complement their product. But it isn’t only the tools that have changed. Our expectations have moved with it.

While in the past an audio visual setup in Melbourne or Brisbane was being performed in more controlled areas, a modern crew is obliged to flaunt their work among far more varied landscapes. We are now asking lighting designers to work among the urban landscapes of our city centres. It has bred a far more adaptable expert, one who can adapt to their environment, for the desired result.

At Solution Red, we work hard to stay abreast of developments in Melbourne’s audio visual world. We continually update our practices, to ensure that we are on the very cusp of innovation in our area, to provide a service that is wanting for nothing from our clients. We are your one-stop lighting designer and audio visual experts for Melbourne, and we are ready to go to work for you.

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