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Women’s Health Care – The Secret Behind Good Health

A gynecologist is someone that every woman should spend a little bit of time with every so often. Just like a normal doctor’s check-up, this kind of women’s health care will focus on the female’s health. Any diseases that might arise in the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina or vulva can be noticed with help from a medical professional of this kind. If you want to make sure that your female reproductive organs are working just as they should be, check out the reasons why gynecological services are so important for spotting abnormalities and problems that could potentially cut life short if not detected.

Monitoring Abnormal Menstrual Cycles

The majority of women will monitor their menstrual cycle, whereas others will not pay attention as closely. It is important to visit a women’s health care clinic if you feel that your cycle is abnormal though, because these gynecological services will include Pap tests and vaginal screening. These inspections could uncover infections or signs of menopause. Pelvic pain should also not be ignored, because this is an indication that some form of treatment is required. Abnormal menstrual cycles may also make it more difficult to conceive, if you are trying.

Discussing Breast Concerns

It goes without saying that every woman should check her breasts on a regular basis for lumps, bumps and pains. Breast concerns can be discussed openly at a women’s health care clinic, where monthly breast exams will be recommended. Lumps could be caused by anything, from a swollen lymph node to the early signs of breast cancer. The specialist you work with will refer you to a hospital or someone who works at a higher level if they feel that the breast concern might be cancerous.

Contraception Services

Not only do pregnant women make their way to women’s health care clinics to discuss their options for conceiving and to get close monitoring throughout their pregnancy. Oh no – it’s the women who want to be protected against pregnancy (as well as STI’s) who also visit these clinics. Contraception services are available in various kinds, such as the quarterly injection, the contraceptive pill, the coil and the implant. Condoms might also be administered to sexually active individuals who want to stay safe. Should you have had unprotected sex and not be on any form of contraception, a prescription for Emergency Contraception can be drawn up.

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