Shared Offices for Brisbane’s CBD

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Business

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A key aspect of growing a business from a mere twinkle in the eyes of its creator, to the giant that it could become, is the degree of thrift and budget-consciousness that is exhibited by those at the helm. Start-up firms make their business through intelligent design and a good pricing model, but must compete against economies of scale from more established members of the community. So these emerging firms must make cuts where they can, and shared office space is a prime example.

As in most major cities in Australia, cost was a major reason for the emergence of shared office space in Brisbane’s CBD. The growing market has driven the need for more office space to accommodate players in the game, but it has grown too quickly for housing projects to keep pace. This housing shortage drove up prices, and made this valuable office space a game for the wealthier members of any sector.

But this doesn’t have to be the way. Shared office space in Brisbane’s CBD is a natural method of pooling resources to keep costs on the individual down. Juggling work hours and accommodating each resident’s needs as a shareholder allows the space to be best utilised throughout the work week, as well as breeding good relationships with your colleagues.

Even more than just the straight cost, the ability to liaise and negotiate with your shared office colleagues breeds good business skills, people skills, which can then be expressed towards your client base. If you’re in the market for an address for your burgeoning empire to take flight, Corporate House is your one-stop shop.

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