Yacht Share Available When Owning Is Too Expensive

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Business

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Many people love boating, but there are varying degrees of love. If you are out on the water monthly or weekly, ownership may be a serious consideration for you. However, many people can’t get away that much or don’t want the hassles of ownership, which is why a yacht share may be better for them.

Charter Versus Yacht Share

Chartering a boat may seem like a money-saving option because you only do it periodically. However, you’re usually limited as to which boats you can use and none may be available when you’ve got free time. Yacht share allows you to request your preferred vessel ahead of time, so you can get more luxurious yachts for less and can still use them whenever you have free time. You pay for a portion of ownership, schedule use with the other owners, and everyone involved gets to enjoy the vessel equally.

There are many companies out there who offer yacht sharing, including Luxury Boat Syndicates. They’ll handle all the storage and docking needs, as well as cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. You’re free to come and go as per your schedule and aren’t required to deal with any of the hassles of ownership.


You may have guessed that the advantages of yacht share are many. While you do have to ensure you’ve chosen a reputable company and can afford the shared ownership fees, you will have access to a vessel whenever you want and can usually get a bigger ship than you could if you leased or purchased it outright.

Likewise, the company you select may train you to skipper the vessel yourself, but you can always choose to hire a crew. Plus, if you’re planning to use the boat for a party, you can get catering and other options.

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