Absorbent Mats And Their Benefits

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

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For those who regularly work around fuels, oil, hazmat chemicals, and more, you’ll find that absorbent mats are highly valuable. When you have a spill, you need something that can soak it up and keep it contained, ensuring that there are fewer problems, such as environmental situations, damage to property, and employee illness or injury.

It is vital that these spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible, and one option is to have a spill kit. These kits usually contain the mat to absorb any liquid so that it is contained and you can pick it up and dispose of it properly, without putting yourself at risk of hefty fines.

Absorbent mats are perfect for many purposes and can absorb high amounts of liquid in a short time. You’ll find options for fuel and oil, which are thick pads made of polypropylene. These are white and follow the Australian Standard for colour coding. They can also be used for marine applications. In most cases, you can throw them away in a landfill, but you must also ask your local government and find out their rules. A general purpose mat is also available and can be used to absorb oil, fuels, and many non-aggressive chemicals. They are grey and sonically bonded. The Hazchem mat is yellow and perfect for any hazardous chemicals, including caustics, acids, and alkalis.

At EcoSpill, you’ll find all the products you need to contain and clean up spills. They have many spill kits available and will also come to your site and teach you how to use them. Similarly, they can come to the place and check your products to ensure you have enough and replace used items as needed. You can also purchase absorbent mats and other products as necessary if you’re between scheduled checks, allowing you to be prepared for any spillage.

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