Aluminium Gates: Advantages

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Screen Store

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Installing aluminium gates will increase security as well as add value to your home. Although steel and wood have been the traditional material used in the fabrication of gates, aluminium is becoming more common for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Although steel gates are robust, steel needs surface protection, which leads to high maintenance. Wood gates are beautiful, but the life expectancy can be relatively short if they are not well maintained and they are heavy. By specifying aluminium, the problems that are inherent with steel and wood are solved.

Aluminium is the ideal material for use in the construction of perimeter fencing and gates. Unlike wood, aluminium does not warp. Unlike steel, aluminium is light and requires little or no maintenance. Aluminium gates are a great option, as they are powder coated in the factory; they are maintenance free, and the material is light but extremely strong and durable.

The material used in the construction is available in a wide range of colour options; even a wood-effect finish is available if you tend to favour a traditional look. It is reasonable to think that aluminium is not as strong as alternatives; think again. Aluminium gates are built to stand the “test of time,” and they are engineered and fabricated using high strength components and have been subjected to rigorous testing.

Recognising the unique requirements, SP Screens stock Xcell Gates, the gate of choice for many fine homes. The company, having studied the market, realised that as the demand for security products increased, so did the number of companies providing sub-standard solutions. The company know that its long-term success is based on providing customers high-quality products, personalised service, competitive prices and peace of mind. If you are looking for aluminium gates that will keep unwanted visitors out and keep children in, look no further than SP Screens.

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