Security Screens And Doors: First Defence

by | May 17, 2018 | Screen Store

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Whether you’ve been into home security for years or are just starting, you should consider the weakest entry points first. These include the front/back door and any windows. Most intruders want to break the glass or jimmy the lock to get in quickly and as quietly as possible. That way, they can steal things without you knowing (or without the neighbourhood hearing them). If you install security screens and doors on every entryway, you don’t have to worry about thieves getting inside. They can’t be broken easily, and the door can’t be kicked in or cut. Therefore, thieves will tire out quickly and decide to search elsewhere.

Security screens and doors use sturdy frames, usually made of aluminium or steel. Therefore, they can’t be tampered with or busted open. While the door or screen itself deters intruders, you should also consider the locking mechanisms. You may choose to leave the door open to let in light and air, which means the screen should also lock and prevent entry. Along with such, the door should have a sturdy lock, as well, which ensures that they can’t easily open that. You’ve got multiple defences in place before they can enter your home unexpectedly.

At SP Screens, know how important safety is to you and your family. Therefore, they only work with the best brands to give you exceptional products. They come to your home and measure your window or door, and also give you a free quote. You’re not obligated to have the work done, though they’re sure you’ll decide to when you realise how sturdy and secure their products are. Plus, their products come with the best warranty, which means you’ve got peace of mind knowing your security screens and doors will last for years to come.

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